Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

This weekend was busy, but I enjoyed every moment of it! I feel like I allow myself to be lazy during the week, arriving home from work after 7:00 pm doesn't leave much time to do anything. Sean and I usually watch our show and eat dinner, then it's off to bed to start all over. I have been planning on making curtains for the longest time, and finally set the plan to do them. They were so easy! I have a pair of curtains in the bedroom that look almost identical to our new curtains in the living room. I bought the curtain in the bedroom for $14 a piece, plus curtain rods. I went with drop cloth, and paid a whopping $16 for the cloth and drapery clips. I had a curtain rod laying around, which helped with price...but I was happy none-the-less.

Materials Needed
- (1) Drop Cloth
- (2 bags) Drapery Clips
- (1) Curtain Rod & Hardware
- Screwdriver
I bought my screwdriver at target, this one here. I bought the drop cloth and drapery clips from Wal-Mart.
I folded the drop cloth in half, and did my best to cut the cloth in half. The drop cloth is extremely long, so it bunches at the end. I love the length, but it's hidden by the loveseat...so it works. I had Sean put up the curtain rod. I'm extremely short, and can't work overhead very well. Sean and I clipped the curtain to the drapery clips and we were done. We both love how they turned out, and feel that the curtains really bring the apartment together.

I know the pictures are still off, and I apologize. I will receive my charger this week, and I'm so excited!
Hope you all have a great day!


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