Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Top 5 DIY Blogs

I'm becoming obsessed with all things rustic. Before we know it, out little apartment is going to have quite the farmhouse feel to it. [Hope Sean is ok with that :)] I think it all started when I completed my first large project; our TV stand. (post here). I have a three day weekend and a paycheck headed my way, so it'll be project heaven this weekend. I will finally get to start [and hopefully finish] the gallery wall, rearrange the furniture, and complete another project I started but was unable to finish.

I've stumbled across a few blog sites that I have come to fall in love with, and would like to share with you.
Virginia and her husband moved into a home that they completely re-did. I love all the changes they've made, and the details they added. Virginia makes all the changes look so simple. I have found a lot of inspiration from her 50+ Decorating Tips on a Budget, found here. I am looking forward to putting my own spin on a few that I have picked. Virginia uses a lot spray paint for her projects, which I love, because it's not something I would ever think to use. The finish is much more neat than paint. Check out her site, and drool over all the amazing changes she has made.
Ampersand Art
Can I just say [AMAZING]! Everything about Liz's blog is to die for. Liz's husband is quite crafty, and I love the things he creates as well as she. Liz talks about a range of products, from re-purposing furniture, creating your own home décor for everyday or even holidays, to making your own cleaning supplies. I love Liz's style of writing. I love how she adores [as I do] everything she creates as well as her husband. Do you want to know the best part....she's live here in NC! Once you look through all the wonderful things she has to offer, check out her husbands blog also!
Ampersand Art
Deer Head

Antique Sign
Chalkboard Sign
These two...every time I have a project in mind, but I'm not sure how to start, I can go to their site and they've done it! I love how Mallory give's her take on how to use an item in one post, and Savannah will use do something completely different in another. Why are you two so amazing?! I'm itching to own a house, I love s'mores, and I cannot wait to make the outdoor serving station.  
Gallery Wall
My current project, and they are offering free printables!
I can't even right now!

Outdoor Serving Station

I really can't help but fall in love with all things rustic, and Liz brings so much to the table. I spend hours pouring through her site, pinning everything I want to try and re-create. Liz photographs her work beautifully. Everything about her blog is neat and elegant. Liz offers DIY home décor and recipes. Quite the homemaker this one.   
Framed Door Mirror
I bought a plain over the door full length mirror from Target, and am overly excited to use this tutorial and make it look like I actually spent $50. I have a stack of picture frames that I have bought from Goodwill and garage sales that I am wanting to get good use out of. I am finding far more ideas than I imagined possible.
Picture Frame Tray

A DIY blog full of budget friendly ideas, you can't beat that. I'm all about making something wonderful for the least amount of money. Scrolling through their tutorials, I'm thinking...I love this! I can do this! that's how you do that. They literally walk you through each step, making every project easy to follow and do-able. I know, you hear me say that a lot, but having something seem impossible, and realizing that it is DO-ABLE is something that can't be described. What's even more amazing, these two are coming out with their own show on HGTV! Stop it!
Wall Planter
I have two areas that I want to put a wall planter. I'm thinking succulents in one, and baby's breath in another. Oh my...I seriously wish there was more time in my days off to do more projects!
Blanket Ladder
For $10...Done!

There is far more available, and I could post so much more. But, I will leave it up to you to check them out, and find your own inspiration. They are all amazing, and the step-by-step tutorials they each provide makes DIY projects possible. So I encourage you to create something of your own this weekend!
Hope you all have a great day! 


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