Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To: Hide the router and modem

What a weekend! I kept quite busy, and I have a lot to show you all. For starters, Sean and I went to the Studio Movie Grill for date night and saw Fantastic Four. It was actually really good, I would recommend seeing it, far better than the last Fantastic Four. But the Studio Movie Grill make the entire experience that much better. Nothing beats watching a movie while eating dinner, and drinking. Plus, the seats are really comfortable, compared to normal movie theater seating...but I digress. What I am going to show you today, is how I made "faux books" for our router and modem. I found the original source, here. This project was both difficult and easy, depending on the type of book you pick up. I went to our local Re-Store [or Habitat for Humanity, as some know it as]. They have a cart of books outside for 25 cents each. I can't bare to destroy the books I own and love. So I up-cycled a few that someone decided to throw out.

What you'll need:
6-8 Books
Adhesive Super Glue [Dollar Tree: Amazing!!!]
Storage Crate
Cut at the corners where the inner cover connects to the binding.
This is the perfect example of a book that cuts easily...
I ran into a few that were glued and gave me a really hard time.

Easy version
Glued and difficult version
Cut the left cover off
On the right, fold the spine cover over to use a guide for where to cut.
I would use and exacto knife or box cutter here if you have one. I used
scissors, and it was really difficult. Glue the spine to the back piece. 

Choose two books for the ends, and leave the cover on.
Add glue and stick spines together.
 Again,  I did not take a picture, but first glue the spine with the front cover to the left or right of the storage crate. I was alone, and had to hold the cover in place on my storage crate, because my curves and I didn't take that into consideration. In the original tutorial posted above, she uses a wooden crate -- I'm beginning to think she was a genius. The gluing capability would be far easier, but I was cheap and bought a 50 cent storage crate from the Re-Store. Once the cover dries, glue the spines to the front. Once the spines dry, glue the remaining cover with the spine completing the front, and the cover covering the side.

This is what the area looked like before....yuck!
Not too difficult, unless you make me. But I love the way it looks, and that  the router and modem aren't just hanging out for everyone to see. I used a poster our friend Alex made Sean for his 21st birthday. It was the perfect size to cover the wires until I can determine how to untangle them without having to shut everything down. Or maybe we will keep it there...we shall see.

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  1. Holy cow! That is such a cute idea! Hey, want to go garage saleing with me on Saturday 9/19? DC