Monday, June 22, 2015

My morning routine

Because it takes me about 30 minutes to drive to work every morning, I've created a routine to ensure that I am ready and in the car by 9:00 a.m. I have to set multiple alarms in the morning because I'm terrified I'll oversleep and show up to work late. I set three alarms starting at 7:00 a.m. with the last one set to go off at 7:30 a.m. I like to give myself time in the morning to wake, so I browse my phone for 30 minutes checking Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger and sometimes Youtube. Once I'm ready to rise out of bed, I pick what I am going to wear for the day. I also pack my backpack with workout gear, makeup remover wipes and water for days that I attend Zumba. You can find my last post on Zumba, here.

Here is what I wore today:
Dress: Ross // Cardigan: American Eagle // Sandals: Target


My mom was wearing a beautiful coral color that I loved and I had to grab the color myself. I ran to Walgreen's last night and bought the color by Wet n' Wild called Blazed which you can find, here.
I really love this color. Although the polish itself is a little watery, I went over each nail twice and so far so good. I would have applied a third coat, but it took a little while for the polish to dry. 
But..for a dollar, I like it.

 I dry and apply.

My skin tone is extremely uneven and I have dark spots to boot. I have found that using Jergens has really helped get rid of those pesky dark spots and evened the tone of my skin.


With it being so hot out, I've left my hair curly. To tame the curls and fight the frizz, I use Marc Anthony's "Strictly Curls" and Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths." So far this combination seems to be working.


Doing my make-up is my favorite part of the morning. I am extremely oily, and much like my hair, I have to try a combination of products before finding something that seems to work.
What do you do to keep the oil at bay? 
No7 "Beautiful Skin T-Zone Rescue"// Smashbox "PhotoFinish Primer"// Benefit "Stay Don't Stray Eye Shadow Primer"// Too Faced "Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar" [used for eyebrows and eye shadow]// Maybelline "Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation" [#310]// BareMinerals "Matte Foundation" [W30]// Maybelline "The Falsies Mascara"

What do you do to keep the oil at bay?

Have a great night all!

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