Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ballantyne Corporate Fitness Trail

During my lunch break, I like to explore the business park. I have walked to a number of shops, restaurants and just simply walked around the block. Today I decided to go a different route and stumbled upon the most interesting thing I have seen since working here. A fitness trail! Is this a thing? Do other business parks offer this wonderful trail? If they do, please excuse me while I allow my crazy flag to sway high.

[How I found the trail]
[An overview of how the fitness trail should be used]
The trail is great! As you make your way down the white gravel path, the stations are located to the right or left with the "equipment," example and description of how to use the "equipment," and the body part that is being activated.
Genius! Genius! Genius! 
 Another wonderful thing about this trail, is that it is shaded. Genius idea and wonderful location!

Have a wonderful day all!

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