Monday, July 6, 2015

Hanging Herb Garden

A few posts ago, I mentioned starting a few DIY projects for the summer. I have only attempted some easy DIY projects in the past, because I am terrified of completely messing the item up. So I am going to take baby steps, and work my way to my ultimate project; turning the coffee table into an ottoman. I know I can do it, I think I am just not ready yet. So I hung my herbs instead.

I took an empty mason jar..
...covered the bottom in rocks...
...added a little soil and the herb [I chose rosemary and basil]...
Target: Dollar Spot
...wrapped, tied and wrapped again...
...and hung the herbs from the pre-installed hooks on our apartment porch. I triple knotted the rope to ensure it doesn't loosen and fall. That would be so bad, considering we live on the third floor.


  1. Don't follow anyone else's blog; very impressed

    1. Thank you! lol If you could see me, you would see how red my cheeks are lol