Friday, July 31, 2015

Benefits of Waxing

Some odd months ago, I worked at European Wax Center in Huntersville. During that brief time, I met the most amazing woman alive. Katie Elvington. Katie is absolutely wonderful, and made me feel so welcome, and above all...comfortable. Katie is excellent at what she does. Not only does she listen, but she makes sure that you're expecting what's to come. Being a frequent waxee, I feel that that's important. Getting waxed is painful, but with Katie, it's a walk in the park. Although Katie doesn't have the power to take the pain away, she will walk you through it. Katie provides her services at Dollface Skin & Makeup Lounge.

Isn't the place so cute! It's so Chic, and there are more pictures, as well as the services provided on the website. I don't trust any one else to wax me but Katie. I've noticed a major difference between her and other esthetician's. I don't know what is, but my skin thanks you Katie! Check out the website, set up an appointment, and get something waxed!
I promise you won't regret it, and you'll LOVE Katie!

      3 Reason Why You Should Wax:

  1. No Ingrown HairsWhen I shave, I get a lot of ingrown hairs. If you don't know, ingrown hairs are painful and ugly. These result into black spots on my skin. Since waxing, the ingrown hairs have subsided, and with the use of Jergens, the black spots are fading.
  2. Smooth Skin For LongerWaxing takes longer for the hair to grow back, due to the hair being pulled from the root. The hair also grows back finer, and the more you wax, the slower the hair grows back. Waxing will leave the skin smooth for approximately 3-8 weeks.
  3.  Natural Exfoliation
    Not only does wax remove the hair, it exfoliates the skin as well. Getting rid of the dead skin cells is both reviving and wonderful for the skin. Once waxed, you should continue to exfoliate with a body scrub at least once a week to help the new hair growth.
There are quite a few benefits for waxing versus shaving. Some of you can shave all areas of your body no problem. [I envy you!] Some of us, have sensitive skin, and extremely stubborn hair.

Have a great day all!

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